Firm Principals

Walter Burns, CFP®
One of the nice things about owning an independent wealth consulting firm is that Walter Burns is able to leverage his personal core values through Family Steward Wealth Consulting® as an extension of himself. Values like duty, honor, country, loyalty, integrity, perseverance, character and honesty were imbued in Walter the hard way during four demanding years at the United States Naval Academy. When asked if he’d go through the Academy again, Walter says “No way, unless I was guaranteed flight training from the get go.” He graduated in 1965 and a year and a half later earned his wings as a Naval Aviator. Walter served our country for 10 years in the Navy and flew fighter and attack jet aircraft logging more than 100 combat missions during the Vietnam war as a carrier-based attack pilot aboard U.S.S. Ranger and U.S.S. Enterprise. The reason Walter places so much emphasis on values is not to be pompous but rather, to emphasize that the most important thing when it comes to a relationship with a wealth consultant is TRUST. You must KNOW your advisor and what he stands for.

Walter left the Navy in 1975 and entered the field of finance. In his words: “This has been an exciting, wonderful adventure. Over the last quarter century and then some, it has been my privilege to serve so many successful people. This is an awesome responsibility because we’re talking about the fulfillment of our clients’ lifetime purposes.” Walter is the creator of the Winners Circle Wealth Consulting Program™, a holistic, common sense approach to financial management focused on planning for the good life and living it.

Walter and his wealth consulting team expertly serve successful professionals and individuals as well as business owners and retirees through hard work, continuous attention to detail and high touch, personal, caring service that results in happiness and peace of mind.

And so you can see that Walter is a family steward who loves his family, his community and our country. Perhaps, if you are like-minded it may make sense to meet. It all begins with a conversation.

Carol Chesser, CFP®
Carol Chesser is Vice President and Director of Wealth Management for Family Steward Wealth Consulting®. Her Certified Financial Planner designation is testament to the commitment and dedication she brings to her work. Carol specializes in retirement planning, estate planning, and investment planning, and is closely involved with clients, helping them create their living Retirement Comfort Plan™ and developing strategies to achieve and maintain financial independence so our clients are free to find lifetime fulfillment. Carol has more than 35 years experience in the field of finance, beginning with a diverse career in banking that included program development for savings, lending, accounting, and trust departments. In 1991, she redirected her focus to wealth management. Recognizing a common commitment to values and investment philosophy, she joined our firm in 1992. Carol has worked with Walter Burns to bring knowledge and understanding to clients and the public through educational forums, including Successful Money Management Seminars™, retirement planning, estate planning, and college planning workshops conducted in local high schools, community colleges and for civic groups. She developed and has taught Investing 101 for Women™, an educational workshop designed to introduce women to investing basics. Carol continues to broaden her knowledge by participating in advanced advisor education programs.

A native and lifelong resident of Palm Beach County, Carol has sand in her shoes. She has experienced the changes and growth in the local community, has been involved in civic affairs and has participated as a team leader for the March of Dimes WalkAmerica event. She enjoys reading, gardening and traveling. As a gourmet cook, she has a secret ambition: To perfect her homemade barbeque sauce, which remains a work in progress.