Lifetime Comfort Plan™

Purpose and Benefits

  1. Empowers you to track your progress toward your lifetime financial goals.
  2. Redirects your focus away from inevitable portfolio fluctuations and keeps it on what really matters – achieving your lifetime goals!
  3. Provides a sense of comfort when financial markets misbehave – see Comfort Zone (short term) Graph.

Consideration and Elements

  1. We know at a minimum you want to maintain your existing standard of living throughout the remainder of your life so our first step is to determine your basic before tax income requirements adjusted for inflation.
  2. Items not included in basic income need are variables such as new cars, special vacations, second home, boats, aircraft, education for children/grandchildren, desired legacy and gifts to causes important to you, etc.

Income Components

  1. Savings
  2. Social Security
  3. Pension benefits
  4. Historical portfolio returns adjusted for expenses. We know from experience that you want to avoid needless risk in reaching your goals. Thus, we recommend your portfolio be allocated accordingly.

Process: We consult with you to Create 3 Plans

  1. Dream Plan – We ask you to visualize your ideal future and dream big. This takes into account variables like that dream vacation you always wanted, or a boat or even a significant contribution to a cause that’s important to you. If you dream big enough, you will begin the process of unwrapping your own gifts of opportunity.
  2. Acceptable Plan – This is the minimum plan you are willing to live with, scaling back variables like cars, vacations etc. but … maintaining your basic standard of living.
  3. Our Collaboration – With this plan, you prioritize those things that truly matter to you. This should result in a mindset of abundance and comfort to do things you might not do without having a plan.

So over time, your goals may change and your investments will certainly fluctuate in value. We will be there to collaborate with you and update your plan as needed. We believe this is True Wealth Consulting at its finest.

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