Winners Circle Wealth Consulting Program™ Services

Investment Consulting
This is our core service that addresses your primary goal – Wealth Preservation. It is only natural that you want to live well and enjoy a worry free retirement without any real fear of running out of money. Our investment philosophy is perfectly aligned with these objectives.

Advanced Planning
This is wealth management beyond investments and is only offered by about 6% of financial advisers. We are proud to be members of the “6% club” because we know you want a holistic approach to the management of your wealth that empowers you to live well, develop closer relationships within your family and make sure your heirs are empowered by your wealth – not burdened by it. Your Advanced Plan is comprised of six elements and is offered at no additional charge to you.

Element 1 – Wealth Enhancement

For successful people like you, mitigating income taxes is a major concern. We partner with our carefully selected team of professional experts to make sure no stone is left unturned and with your permission, we collaborate with your tax professional after you become a client, striving to make sure you never pay more than your minimum tax obligation.

Element 2 – Wealth Transfer

Because you are a Family Steward, we know the well-being of your family is of great importance to you. We have a process that can help you create the ideal legacy you want for the people you love. We offer education and suggest estate planning techniques that have proven to be effective in preparing heirs so their lives are enhanced by your wealth, as well as the world at large. Our approach can save substantial legal expense because we do not charge additional fees for our time helping you clarify these issues before you meet with an attorney.

Element 3 – Wealth Protection

Because we live in a litigious society, you may have serious concerns that your wealth could be unjustly taken from you and your family. We collaborate with our team of experts to address this issue in your Advanced Plan.

Element 4 – Charitable Giving

You may be a Family Steward with charitable intent beyond family. If so, we address this, integrating it with the other elements of your Advanced Plan.

Element 5 – Ongoing Support

We track your progress as your goals and circumstances change over time. You may be a Family Steward who would appreciate the comfort and peace of mind that comes from having a living Lifetime Comfort Plan™. Our clients consistently tell us that having a plan that tracks their progress has made all the difference – the difference between anxiety and peace of mind.

Element 6 – Second Opinion Service

As a member of our Winners Circle Wealth Consulting Program™, you are a preferred client. You have joined a small exclusive club and we are privileged to serve you. Naturally, with our club, your membership gives you certain special privileges. Read more about our Second Opinion Service.