We are privileged to serve successful people who want to live well, develop closer relationships within their family and make sure their wealth empowers their heirs to be their very best.

The Discovery Meeting Experience

Hi. I’m Walter Burns – founder of Family Steward Wealth Consulting®. We created our Winners Circle Wealth Consulting Program™ to address your needs so you can achieve your lifetime and financial goals. We specialize in Investment Consulting focusing on retirement income planning, wealth preservation and Advanced Planning that enables a global approach for your wealth management. Please allow me to describe what it’s like to come into my office for a Complimentary Getting to Know You Meeting.

First of all, you will enjoy a very low stress, high warmth experience. Everything we do is aimed to help our clients feel comfortable and at ease. We want you to leave feeling much more upbeat than you may have been when you arrived. You will find our staff to be personable, relaxed and professional. Your best interests are their top priority. Our focus for this first meeting is to learn about what’s important to you. We strive to understand your values, priorities and concerns. After that, if appropriate, we’ll schedule another meeting to begin the development of a custom plan for what to do next. Learn more.

That’s it. I predict you will find the experience enlightening and enjoyable. I like to think of myself as a specialist not just treating financial matters but also helping our clients unwrap their own gifts of opportunity.

So, look over our website and if you are intrigued or have questions, please contact me. It all begins with a conversation.

Walter Burns